Ms. Shaun Hoyle, B.S., CPE

    ​​Therefore, in March 2009, Shaun received her Instructor certification for the High Conflict Diversion Program from Brook Olsen, creator of the program.  Shaun specializes in the area of parenting, whether cooperative or parallel, depending on whether parents are amicable or high conflict.  The High Conflict Diversion curriculum includes concepts offered in books, and trainings offered by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. and Philip Stahl, Ph.D., whom are well known professionals in the area of high conflict divorce

    ​​​Shaun has been an active member of the Family Court Professional Collaborative since 2009, and presently serves as Communication Liaison after serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors from 2011-2017.  She presented at the FCPC Conferences in October of 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2017.  Shaun works with all parents whether from traditional families, single parents, or parents going through a divorce or custody dispute.

        ​The High Conflict Diversion Program is an on-going program (16 sessions) offered weekly for cases in the 12th Judicial Circuit community and beyond.  Redirecting Children's Behavior class is also a 16 week session course.  For information, call Shaun at 941-807-0836, or email

​Shaun received her Instructor certification for the Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom from Beth Lefevre in August 2009.  She offers by contract, teacher or staff training's for professionals working with children in classroom settings.

On December 31​​, 2014, Life Lessons of Manasota, LLC received approval as a Circuit Twelve EB (Evidence Based) Parenting Program provider for Redirecting Children's Behavior, The High Conflict Diversion Program, and Parent Coaching.  All curriculum's have been customized to meet the Standards for Circuit Twelve Dependency Court Evidence Based Parenting Programs.  Life Lessons of Manasota, LLC is approved for all Voluntary attending parents, and Judicial parents with children ages 6 & older.
​​Founder of Life Lessons of Manasota, LLC
​Certified INCAF Parenting Educator
Certified Parenting Coach
​Certified Redirecting Children's Behavior Instructor
​​Certified High Conflict Diversion Program Instructor
​Certified Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom
​Family Court Professional Collaborative - Member
Next Generation Divorce Collaborative - 2015 Member of the Year

Shaun Hoyle, B.S. is a Certified Parenting Educator, coach, and founder of Life Lessons of Manasota, LLC.  As a Director with the International Network for Children & Families, Shaun trained instructors to teach the Redirecting Children's Behavior course with author, Kathryn Kvols, whom she received her certification from in April 2002.

    Shaun is the proud mother of two boys and has lovingly and successfully implemented Redirecting Children's Behavior (RCB) in her own home since 1997.  When not spending precious time with her family, she is enlightening other families to peace and harmony which RCB brings.​​

    Through 99 RCB courses, 450+ workshops and many more individual coaching sessions since April 2002, Shaun has helped and supported hundreds of parents and professionals in Manatee & Sarasota Counties learn and refine the tools for parenting.  In a safe relaxed environment, she helps to bring growth and understanding through her command of the RCB theories, personal experience and anecdotes.  Shaun has taught cooperative parenting since 2002.​​
    ​​​Shaun taught the four-hour "Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course" for the 12th Judicial Circuit from January 2009 to August 2017 at the State College of Florida - Sarasota/Manatee.  It became apparent to Shaun upon working with the Family Court Professional Collaborative (FCPC), that our area needed a program for those parents "stuck" in a high conflict relationship with the other parent either before, during or after a custody dispute or divorce, pre- or post- settlement.​​


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