Redirecting For A Cooperative Classroom

Life Lessons of Manasota, LLC  offers weekly classes and courses focusing on all types of parenting. 
​      Support in the Sarasota/Manatee Counties since 2002.

 As of December 31, 2014, Life Lessons of Manasota, LLC is a Cir​cuit Twelve Evidence Based Parenting Programs Provider.

Calendar includes ALL Parenting Classes available.
                          Disengage / Parallel Parenting Program 
​- for parents before, during or after divorce, separation or custody disputes
- for parents that cannot get the other parent to stop attacking them
- for parents who cannot get the other parent to co-parent with them
- for parents who feel like their children are taking the brunt of ​the conflict
- many parents are able to go back to co-parenting / while some may not​
​- for parents that are "conflict" parenting, which is most detrimental to children               
​ ​
​- 1 In-take session & 16 On-going sessions
                 Morning and Evening class times available.

Teaching techniques to teachers which empower classroom behavior so that students become effective decision makers, accept responsibility and cooperate with others. They will grow to become successful adults.  
​          Shaun is available by contract for professional training days.

Services Available
Redirecting Children's Behavior

Parenting Newsletter
Parent  and Divorce Coaching
One on One Parent Coaching available to address discipline issues with children whether as a traditional family, single parent, or transitioning through a separation.  Shaun also offers Divorce Coaching concerning Parenting Plans, educating parents about the various aspects of the plans, and how to individualize the needs of each family.
We offer a wonderful program for parents and educators to be mentored via online presentation, phone, and email. Check it out here!

Parent Education & Family Stabilization Class

(Florida Statue 61.21 - 4 hr mandatory class)​
(SCF lists the course as Children & Divorce)​

"All parties shall be required to complete this course prior to the entry by the court of a final judgment in regards to a dissolution of marriage proceeding with minor children or a paternity action that involves issues of parental responsibility.  

​​As of August 2017 - Dawn Bates-Buchanan teaches at the
​State College of Florida​ campuses in Bradenton, Venice, and Lakewood Ranch.
Mayra Cestero teaches a SPANISH class every month either at the Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch campus.

​​Registration for this course is directly with the college at 941-752-5203 or for all 3 campuses.

​Classes are offered in the evening and Saturday mornings

Questions - Call Shaun at 941-807-0836 or

​Redirecting Children's Behavior (RCB) gives parents, grandparents, teachers, and any person involved with children, fast, effective ways to become calmer, more confident and to teach their children to be responsible and cooperative. The easy-to-learn, positive techniques allow adults to redirect children's behavior through loving guidance rather than ineffective punishment. Participants will learn tips on using logical consequences, setting limits, and achieving peaceful resolution of conflicts.

- 1 In-take session & 16 90 minute sessions​​
Phone: 941-807-0836​
​Phone #: 941-807-0836
Fax #: 941-761-5856